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Told by Keith Pretty 2015

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Keith Pretty 2015

BBS hall and court offices.jpg

Buln Buln Shire hall and court offices

1  Buln Buln Shire offices:

Temporary premises; Original premises & court house 1883-1953;

2-4 Porter Place 1953 –1975; Young Street 1975-1994; Baw Baw Shire reconstruction 2015.              05.19       

2  Buln Buln Shire the first three years

1878 to 1881


00.00   Introduction
02.47   Early boundaries of the Shire
03.38   Division into four ridings
04.27   First election of Councillors
06.04   First meeting Dawes Hotel and resolutions
13.20   Council meetings in first few years
16.01   First Shire officers and appointments
21.22   First valuations and rates 1879
24.28   Voters rolls 
25.14   Roads
29.40   Establishment of the pound
30.27   Early duties of councillors
32.18   Municipal Association formed
33.37   Interesting records in the minutes
35.55   Severance of Warragul from Buln Buln Dec 1881
40.29   end

BBS Council 1966-67.jpg

Buln Buln Shire Councillors and Officers 1966-1967


Sign at the boundary of the Shire of Buln Buln

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