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Anglican Church

Told by Iris Maxfield, Rosemary Blackley, Ian Maxfield, James White and Rev. Dean Spalding 2018 - 2019.

Rosemary and Iris (1)c.JPG

Rosemary Blackley and Iris Maxfield.

C0094 1st Church Grant St 1885  with Mr

1st Church, Grant St 1885  with Mr J Francis, (Clergy)



TRACK 1 presented by Iris Maxfield

00.00     1870s Buln Buln Combined Church initiated by Captain Lintot

01.50     1877 First services in Drouin in temporary premises

02.32     1878 Inauguration of Buln Buln Shire – temporary shared premises

               rented for Shire and Church  

04.30     1880 Gippsland Forest Mission

04.40     1879 Services held in Drouin Mechanics Institute Hall

06.19     1879  Decision to build a church on site near Albert Road, donated by

               Mrs Richard Higgs

06.55     1880  First service held in new volunteer-built church

07.50     1885 Became independent of Forest Mission

09.25     1891 Church moved to a more central location in Francis Avenue

10.00     1876 Damage to walls becomes apparent

10.20     1903 Vicarage site bought but not developed until1914

11.20     1911 Refurbishment

11.45     1930 Golden Jubilee

12.20     1933 Tennis courts installed by volunteers

13.19     1936 Last service in old church, new church dedicated


TRACK 2 Building the first brick church – speech by Mr Fred Armstrong,

              read by Ian Maxfield

00.00     Introduction by Iris Maxfield

00.19     Depression – Fred Armstrong becomes Parish Secretary and Treasurer

02.13     Attempts to raise money for new church

04.44     Mr Reinholdt Hilsberg offers building skills

08.00     Removal of pine trees on site for new church

08.46     Building commenced

11.05     February 1936 Foundation stone laid

11.42     September 1936 building dedicated.

12.35     Acknowledgements of volunteers

18.05     Brief description of Drouin at the time


TRACK 3 New use for old buildings, presented by Iris Maxfield

00.00     Church groups were using the old building

00.40     1937 Hall rented out to community groups.

05.30     Extensions and improvements, but still in poor condition

10.12     1959 New hall built, but old hall still in use

11.08     1970s Umbrella factory leased the building, upgraded electricity

12.00     1986  Further renovations



TRACK 1 Presented by Rosemary Blackley

Drouin growing and flourishing. Parish expanding.


TRACK 2 Building a new church, presented by Rosemary Blackley

00.00     Approvals obtained

00.58     2006 Turning the sod

02.13     Building commenced, completed and dedicated 2007

02.50     Acknowledgement


TRACK 3 Church Hall and House, presented by James White

00.00     Introduction

00.20     Need for a new hall

03.00     Fund raising

04.08     Features and fittings

05.15     Community use

06.19     Anglican Women's Evening Fellowship formed

09.20     2003 named Maxfield Hall

10.45     Out-centres for worship

11,35     Purchase of house at 132 Princes Way

12.02     1970s Used for children's activities while Umbrella Factory

              occupying  the hall

12.16     1976 'Nanny's House'

12.47     Tenanted

12.59     2005 House removed to make way for extensions to Christ Church

TRACK 4 Fittings and Features of Christ Church, presented by Rosemary Blackley


00.00     1973 Dedication of 3 lancet style windows in remembrance of Mrs Higgs

03.05     John Orval commissioned

05.23     Work commenced

07.30     Orval's comission extended for 12 windows – installed and dedicated

08.36     Crucifix created and presented by Jean Orval

09.35     2004 six windows moved into new building

10.00     Other stained glass windows commissioned by Hugh Bachelor,

              Andrea Tindle

12.33     Banners

14.34     Music tradition

16.32     Op Shop


TRACK 5 Remembrance Day Sermon, presented by Rev. Rector Dean Spalding

00.00     Preparations for Armistice Day Centenary

01.34     Planting of six commemorative golden elm trees

03.40     Sermon for 11/11/18 – importance of remembrance

1891 Christ  Church is moved to Princes

1891 Christ  Church is moved to Princes Way

Christ Church  Dedication 1935.JPG

Christ Church  Dedication 1935

Anglican church 1936 (4).JPG

Foundation stone Anglican church 1936 

1885-1888  The Rev. J. Francis (2a).jpg

1885-1888  The Rev. J. Francis

Iris & Colin Maxfield -(place next to Ma

Iris & Colin Maxfield 2016


Maxfield Hall History.

1950s Christ Ch. Hall, Drouin  under con

1950s Christ Ch. Hall, Drouin  under construction

christ church RB.jpg

Christ Church Maxfield hall

golden elms Nov 2018_edited.jpg

Armistace trees planted Nov 2018

Christ Church 2007.jpg

Christ Church 2007

Armistace tree blessing Nov 2018.png

Armistace tree blessing Nov 2018


North Window

Drouin nativity Jean Orvall.jpg

Drouin nativity Jean Orvall

Rev DeanSpalding.png

Rev. Dean Spalding

2007 Andrea Tindle 4.jpg

Andrea Tindle at work on one of  the stained glass panels

Jean Orval Stained Glass Artist.jpg

Jean Orval Stained Glass Artist

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