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As told by Lyndel Kennedy and Jocelyn Bloye 2019

Lyndel and Jocelyn.jpg

00.00             Introduction

00.18             Fred’s early life

00.40             Family history. Robert & Ellen Armstrong

01.24             Dwyerstead estate. Community involvement.

02.05             George Armstrong history.

04.20             Move to Lardner road

05.13             Fred’s early years

06.17             Fred starts work. Porter Brothers.

07.32             Marriage and family

09.06             Aircraft surveillance in WW2

09.40             Purchase of Porter Brothers

10.05             Community involvement incl Drouin  Rotary

11.04             Family memories of Fred

11.38             Connie’s history

11.54             Arnold family Geelong

13.48             Sam Arnold early life & station master Drouin

14,30             1920s in Drouin. Family’s musical skills

15.17             Christ Church Drouin.

                      Meeting Fred, marriage & family

17.01             Foundation member Drouin Bowls club

17.43             CWA, Church, Lyrebird & family memories

19.09             end

Fred & Connie 24.10.1931 engagement.JPG
George & Jean Armstrong & family 1916.JP
fred armstrong and mother jean 1940s.jpg
Droiun 1928.jpg
young Fred.jpg

Fred and Connie's engagement 1931

Young Fred Armstrong

George and Jean Armstrong and family 1916

Fred with his mother Jean 1940s

arnold home Droiun 1928.jpg
porter bros drouin 1936.JPG
nanna pa armstrong w joc muz 1960.jpg
Fred Armstrong 1952.JPG
porter bros counter 1940 jack kennedy, f
Fred Armstrong 1975.JPG

Porter Bros store Jack Kennedy and Fred Armstrong behind the counter 1940

Fred Armstrong 1952

Fred Armstrong 1975

Porter Bros  Drouin 1936

The Arnold home 1928

Connie and Fred with Jocelyn and Murray two of their grandchildren 1960

6 south rd drouin 1932-1959.JPG

6 Main South Road Drouin


Connie Armstrong 1948 at Main South Road home

Connie at piano.jpg

Connie Armstrong playing the organ at Christ Church 1980

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