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Bill Kraft: manager of the Drouin Cooperative Milk Factory, entrepeneur and visionary of the Australian Dairy Industry. Story told by his son Graham Kraft July 2015

Graham Kraft, 2015

1. Introduction  to Graham Kraft

2. 01.00-11.20      Grandpa Kraft, Bunyip

    11.20-15.34      Bill’s family & education

    15.35-24.30      Drouin Butter factory

    24.30-27.20      Japan, Europe, USA

    27.20-28.40      Mrs Kraft’s family

    28.40-29.25      Retirement, music, Masonic lodge

    29.28-31.35      Tribute

3. Introduction

4. 00.00-06.17      School DPS, WHS, Brian Hanley newsagent

    06.10 -08.27     House in Princes Way

    08.27-16.59      Colquhuon family

    16.59 -19.38     Wellwoods, Goudies,

    19.38-20.57      The dunnyman, games in the cutting

5. Japanese letter re Bill Kraft

6. Bill Palmer’s tribute to Bill Kraft

Martin Dr Bill, Bill Kraft and Don Rober

Dr William Martin with Bill Kraft

Bill Kraft small.JPG

Bill Kraft

Bill Kraft sharing award with his worker

Bill Kraft sharing award with his workers 

1944 Collection courtesy Drouin History Group

Bill Kraft with Sir Henry Bolte and Bria

Bill Kraft with Sir Henry Bolte and Brian Ballantyne

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