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Told by Margaret Jackson 2015

Jackson Margaret.JPG

Margaret Jackson, 2015

00.00-08.07        William Bloye conservation, character

08.07-10.03        Jean Bloye/Jackson early life

10.03-13.20        Opp Shop Auxilliary, china painting

13.20-16.15        Shared interests with Wally

16.55–end          Retirement & overseas travel

Jocelyn bloye.jpg

Jocelyn Bloye 2019

00.00             Introduction

00.16             Bill’s early life & naval service

03.18             Hillend farming, work, marriage & family

05.51             Black Friday fires 1939

06.42             Dorothea’s death

07.39             Drouin East farm and subdivision

09.09             Plastering & building

09.33             Community service and Buln Buln Shire council

10.05             Native reserves

11.03             WGH service and other activities

12.53             Children

13.19             Death and family memories

Bill, Charles & Archie Bloye 1914.JPG

Bill, Charles and Archie Bloye 1914

Wm Bloye pic.png

William Bloye, 1912

Leading Torpedoman HMAS Swan

courtesy of WWI Pictorial Honour Roll of Victorians website.

(click image to go to service record,

then scroll down to Bloye)

W Bloye to meet the queen 1954.jpg

Bill Bloye dressed to see the queen 1954

glen nayook rest house.jpg

Bill Bloye spent much of his life advocating for conservation of the environment.

Bill Bloye 1960's.jpg

William (Bill) Bloye 1960's

William & Dorothy Bloye wedding day 24.7

William and Dorothea's wedding 24.07.1922

WJ Bloye & family, 1958.JPG

WJ Bloye and family 1958

Cr Bloye plaque.jpg

Plaque situated in Hearn Park Drouin

Pa Bloye with grandchildren 1970.JPG

Pa Bloye with grandchildren 1970

bill bloye 78th birthday.jpg

Bill Bloye's 78th birthday, with his grand children

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