Original story told by Charlie Thomson with Bill Palmer in December 2014.  Further story told by his daughters Sandy Ward and Heather Sullivan in 2018.

Charlie Thomson

Bill Palmer

Track 1

0.00-1.30      Early years, clearing land

1.30-2.40      Cutting wood (including comments by Bill Palmer)

2.40-3.58      Charlie leaves school, works for his father

3.58-5.40      Share of farm, building a house, marriage

5.40-6.56      Cow shed, milking machine

6.56-7.25      Sport

7.25-8.31      Move to Drouin. Life is busy.

Charlie Thomson Eulogy


Track one:

Introduction by Sandy Ward


Track two:

Written and read by Sandy Ward

00.13                 Charlie’s Birth

00.24                 Move to Cloverlea

00.41                 Worked on farm

00.50                 Met his wife

01.15                 Children arrive

02.26                 Retirement, holidays & fishing

03.30                 Cricket, card nights

04.50                 First ride in an ambulance

05.24                 His memory

05.37                 Stories of Drouin

06.09                 Lyrebird, food preferences

07.11                 Work ethic


Track three:

Written by Heather Sullivan and read by Sandy Ward

00.36                                     Cutting logs and millin

01.13                                     ODBF logs

01.48                                     Kero tins and tea tree roots

02.13                                     Riding the tractor

02.37                                     Kids growing up and state school

03.07                                     Shopping and meals

04.16                                     Fishing

04.58                                     Day out from school

05.35                                     Cricket

05.56                                     Music

06.17                                     Square baled hay`contracting

07.16                                     Baby daughter Sandy

07.32                                     Dealer in heifers

08.09                                     Charlie’s wife died

08.21                                     Move to Lyrebird

Charlie Thomson mid 1950's truck and logs

Charlie Thomson mid 1950's truck and hay

Charlie and Lorna before their marriage

Charlie Thomson on tractor and three kids mid 1960's

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