Told by Doug Colquhoun and Graham Kraft 2017

Bill Colquhuon serving customers in the shop


Colquhoun family and Wes

00.37   Family Background

07.32   Butcher shop in Drouin, bakery next door.

10.40   Wes designed bakery oven.

12.08   Abattoir in Binbeal Rd.

19.10   Education.

23.00   Standing of parents in community.

25.10   Friendship with Ben Sinnamon leads to marriage with Bens’              sister.

31.20   Effects of war, PTSD.

38.28   Butcher shop sold.


Wes’s community achievements:

39.40   Dog problems.

41.55   Drouin swimming pool.

44.06   Badminton centre.

45.48   Golf course.

47.21   Sewerage farm.

49.00   Geoff Cornish and displaced persons.

51.05   JP – general strike at Drouin Butter Factory.


Doug’s story:


Wes at War

0.10       Enlistment in RAAF.

0.45       Training in Canada.

1.15       To England, joins Lancaster crew.

1.30       Plane crash.

4.00       Hospital

4.55       Records never to be released - code work?

5.50       Graeme Kraft's memories.

Wartime Dance, 1944 Wes Colquhuon and Fred Phair

Doug Colquhoun                  Graham Kraft

Wes Colquhoun

Colquhouns butchers

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