Country Womens' Association

Told by Yvonne Tindle, Judy Farmer and Lynn Wells in 2018.



General Intro

Yvonne’s Intro

01.10     Origins of CWA

06.35     Founding of Drouin branch

07.45     Early activities, especially during war time.

18.35     1946 Conference

21.35     Further activities in Buln Buln Shire

22.45     Building CWA infrastructure – Umina, Drouin premises

32.50     Street kiosk

34.20     Music and drama

37.10     Life members, Paul Harris awards

52.45     State competition successes

55.30     Cooking skills

1.01.05  Friendship quilt

1.02.10  Bicentennial beacon fires and celebrations

1.02.40  Handicrafts

1.04.00  Community activities


Intro to What do we do at CWA?

00.50     Syllabus

07.35     Thanksgiving Fund

08.25     Social Issues and other projects

10.50     Australia Day breakfast

13.15     Group AGM, conferences, craft exhibitions

15.15     ANZAC Day, Husbands and Friends Casserole Tea

16.15     CWA Sunday

16.40     Association Day and competitions

19.00     Nature of CWA

1984 45th birthday. Marylyn Bacon, Hazel Porter, Jessie Goudie, Priscilla Kraft, Pam Pretty, Lorraine Kinrade

Drouin CWA opening of first street stall April 1985

Arthur Holmes enrolling woman in land army.  photo courtesy of the Drouin History Group

Yvonne Tindle 

Children and Mothers visiting the baby health centre in 1944.  photo courtesy of Drouin History Group

Women working in the Flax Mill during WWII 1944

Photo courtesy of Drouin History Group

Garden party at Mrs Kraft's home 156 Princes Way showing pram at left side

CWA clubrooms

Foundation members Ivy Campbell and Hazel Porter at 60th celebrations

Catering for Brock wedding Warragul golf club 1982

Newspaper article 1960 21st birthday. 

1988 community flagpole raising ceremony

Lining up to see a talking movie in 1944

photo courtesy of Drouin History Group

Foundation members 50th birthday 1989 Ett Telford, Ivy Campbell, Myra Wellwood, Hazel Porter, Priscilla Kraft

CWA Bicentennial quilt and ladies who made it 1988 

1942 Hazel Porter (left) with CWA resources van

Ficifolia parade Red Hot Drouin CWA float

1986 Life members Pam Pretty, Jean Kilby, Hazel Porter, Lorraine Kinrade outside clubrooms

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