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Told by Keith Pretty 2015

Drouin history Keith Pretty.JPG

Keith Pretty, 2015

Drouin early history 1934.jpeg

Main Street, Drouin from 1944 collection Courtesy Drouin History Group

Drouin history Business centre of town.j

Business Centre of Main Street, Drouin

Drouin early history.jpeg

Main Street, Drouin 1944 Collection

Drouin History Group

00.00    Introduction by Lynn Wells

00.17    Imagine the stage coach
00.44    Henry Dicken’s hotel, Waltons Run
01.22    Jacksons 
0.200    Naming of ‘Drouin’
03.19    Development of the railway, railways camps and the station site
06.32    Mc Neillys, Ezra Cook first selectors
07.31    Town surveys, John Lardner surveyor and auctions for land
09.65    Various golf clubs,
10.66    The old swimming hole and swimming pool
11.39    The rifle range, the water reserve,
12.35    Horse races and race course
12.70    Drouin bowling club, Croquet club, tennis courts, 
14.19    Shire offices, Police station, Railway land
15.44    The Coffee Palace, taxi services, Edwards engineering, 
17.21    Drouin Motors and Russells garage
18.40    Drouin Fire station
18.73    Fires in the town and other buildings and hotels
19.59    Drouin Waterworks trust and sewerage works
20.38    Drouin Post office
21.17    Churches: Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Baptist,                       Christian fellowship, Hope church
23.62    Drouin mechanics institute (hall) and library
25.19    War memorials and the Jungle fighter
26.39    Other war time activities
26.60    Hospitals
28.20    Flaxmills
28.74    Classic Weaving Mills, Florapak, 
28.46    The Drouin Butter Factory
31.23    Saleyards
31.72    Schools
33.36    Showgrounds and recreation reserves
33.61    Newspapers, other activities, services and clubs 

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