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Told by Doug and Barbara Hatfield 2015


Barbara & Doug Hatfield 2015

BBS council Jan 1989 KP see doc.JPEG

Doug Hatfield Shire President 1989

00.00-02.26           Family comes to Drouin; The community

02.26-03.43           Doug’s early memories of Drouin; 1939 fires

03.43-05.17           Memories of Drouin’s main street

05.17-05.38           Weekend work at Ripplebrook farm

05.58-06.23           Father a singer and singing group

06.23-07.13           Bill Kraft

07.13-08.33           Barbara’s story; meets Doug, nursing, marriage

08.33-12.53           Early years on the farm

12.53-16.41           Action on road leads to political activism

16.41-18.07           Farming continues and retiring to Drouin

18.07-22.43           Australian Dairy Centre

22.43-24.41           Awards and successes

24.41-26.50           Doug & Barbara on Shire Council

26.00-end              Drouin Nature Reserve and other activities

Hatfield The Gazette Nov 26 1974.JPG
Hatfield Doug and Barbara.JPEG

Doug & Barbara on their wedding day

Trees of N Doug and Barbara.JPEG

Barbara & Doug Hatfield c.1988

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