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As told by Adele Perry, Geoff's daughter 2016

Cornish, Adele Perry.JPG

Introduction by Judy Farmer

00.20    Early memories

00.40    Initiated Red Cross Blood Bank, with others

01.20    Took Adele to visit WGH children’s ward, memory of circular garden

03.00    Rotary Club

04.30    Drouin friends and Dr Hamp’s garden

09.55    Drouin in 1950s

11.52    Mother’s poor health, isolation from family in England

15.21    Decision to become a doctor

16.55    Joins RAF, trains as pilot/navigator

18.10    Shot down, POW, work in hospital, learned German, passed on                         information

19.40    Great Escape

21.04    Liberated, triaged at Dachau, rescued child, told her story Antiques                     Roadshow.

22.38    Returned to Australia, studied medicine at Perth and Melbourne Unis.                 Worked decorating cakes, sales in Henry Bucks

24.40    Interest in heart health – developed Cornish Walking Program

26.55    First practice in Bronte Park, Tasmania

28.10    Drouin, Frankston, became dental anaesthetist

30.10    Bought farm at Jindivick

31.35    Warmer climate needed – Gold Coast.

34.00    Wife died. Radio show, met and married Alison

34.30    OAM

34.55    Biography, 60 Minutes. Return to Germany.

41.45    Character

Geoff Cornish (7) - Copy.JPEG
Cornish Geoff 1.JPEG
Geoff Cornish (6) - Copy.JPEG

Geoff and family on an outing in Drouin

Geoff's farewell at Warragul Hospital. Nick Gottschalk on right.

Geoff Cornish 2001.JPEG

Geoff on his 70th birthday 2001

Geoff is 3rd from the right in the back row

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