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Told by Esther Martin 2016

00.00   Intro – Esther Martin

00.08   Family and early life

00.45   To Melbourne, worked then trained as a teacher

02.20   Returned to Glasgow, completed veterinary studies

03.00   Early practice, marriage, children

05.05   Migration to Australia

06.10   Moved to Drouin, sponsored by Drouin Butter Factory

06.55   Description of Drouin at the time

07.31   Love of animals, early practice

08.58   Educating farmers

10.52   Other practitioners in the area, ‘quacks’

11.30   Set up own practice at a time when small animal practice was not common in rural areas

15.28   Involvement in the community

16.50   Elected to Council

19.55   Pets

21.24   Political beliefs

21.43   Official vet for Drouin, Moe races and greyhounds

22.11   Later life

Martin Dr Bill, Bill Kraft and Don Rober

Dr Martin and Bill Kraft

Martin Dr and Mrs older.JPEG

Dr & Mrs Martin and their Pekinese dogs

Mr and Mrs Martin.jpeg

Dr & Mrs Martin on a cruise

Esther Martin comp.JPG

Esther Martin 2016

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