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Drouin Cemetery Walk 2018

180205 Drouin Cemetery Walk (3).JPG

Drouin Cemetery Walk 2018.

JD Grubb's store 2.JPEG

JD Grubb's store 

00.00   Introduction to the Drouin Cemetery walk 2018

Tim Wills
00.12   Drouin’s cemetery background & history
02.01   Cemetery land set aside
03.05  19th century deaths, war time impacts in 20th century
03.55   Mrs Smith gravedigger, Buln Buln Shire helps out, Friends of the cemetery 

Bev Jackson
05.48   Frank Renton WW1 headstone
07.10   Harold Renton
08.15   Renton Carriers and Porter Bros
08.37   Arthur Renton
09.25   Tallest policeman
09.36   Frank Renton’s military history, marriage, 
10.20   Drouin Football Club
10.47   Drouin Cricket Club
11.26   Drouin RSL

Brian Milner
11.52   John Duncan Grubb and his wife Vera
14.01   WW1 service
16.26   Wounded and returned home
17.20   Marriage and business 
18.24   Scouting
19.41   JD Grubb park
20.52   WW2 enlistment

Shelley Duncan
25.01   Dr Edward James Chip Hamp, training, wedding, early work
28.22   Great grandfather John Chip Hamp, early settler
31.03   Drouin medical practice, house and family
32.50   Dermatology expert, awards, other graves 

Suzie Gallagher/Fuhrmann
13.56   Fuhrmann family graves
34.23   Charles Jacob Fuhrmann
36.31   William Frederick Fuhrmann
37.48   His boys involved in scouts and firebrigade
38.38   Ned Fuhrmann; flaxmill, Cuthbertson mills, community,

JD Grubb right working on scout hall.JPE

JD Grubb right, working on scout hall

Dr Edward Hamp and family 1944 collectio

Dr Edward Hamp and family 1944 collection

Dr Hamp's house in 2019.JPG

Dr Hamp's house in 2019

Fuhrmann boys.jpg

Fuhrmann boys

Drouin FC Frank and Harold 4th and 6th f

Drouin FC Frank and Harold 4th and 6th from left on back row. Circa 1924

Renton Brother Drouin 1920_1.jpg

Renton Brothers, Drouin 1920

Jack Furhmann.JPEG

Jack Furhmann

Fuhrmann store_edited.jpg

Fuhrmann store

JD Grubb and Jeff Robinson.JPEG

JD Grubb and Jeff Robinson

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