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As told by Rosemary Blackley (2019), John Morgan (2018) and John Franklin (2017).

Drouin Motors 1952.jpg

Drouin Motors 1952

1940 fire crew second from let back row

1940 fire crew with hosereel. Tup Petersen second from left in back row

Tup closing his door 16.11.90.JPEG
Tup Pedersen Press 1987 - Copy.JPEG


00.00           Introduction

00.21           George Clarke: early life, school

03.43           Work at Ernie Miles Blacksmiths & then motor garage

05.45           Drivers licence and driving various cars

08.00           Work for WD Russell

09.12           Tup Pedersen at Russell’s

09.43           The Cream Run to DBF

10.14           Tritschler’s. Drouin Motors: Tup Pedersen

11.30           George & Tup register Drouin Motors . First car sale

12.02           Tups’ early life

13.17           Local Drouin Motors business successful;. Expansion.

15.31           Drouin fire brigade

16.09           One duck property

16.58           Drouin football ground levelling

17.31           Ruth Irons

18.58           Mr Holman blacksmiths. Ruth’s schooling

20.22           Drouin PO telephone exchange.

21.42           Starts work at Drouin Motors

22.23           Scots church involvement

23.13           Drouin a small town at war image

24.12           John Morgan’s memories: Drouin Motors, Tup Pedersen

32.48           Joint dealership and new business

33.58           John Franklins’ memories of Drouin Motors, staff,   houses, buildings, car dealerships and car sales.

Drouin motors main street view.jpg

Looking west from Drouin Motors as mechanic repairs a tyre on horse drawn wagon

1944 collection courtesy Drouin History Group

Tup Pedersen 1993 cutting ribbon.JPEG
Drouin Motors.jpg
Ruth Irons.JPG

Ruth Irons

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