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Told by Jill Bayly, Jeff Mitchell, Bill Petschack, Bill Notman and Judy Farmer 2018

Drouin west cemetery walk 2018 (2).JPG

Judy Farmer, Geoff Mitchell, Jill Bayly, Jack Notman, Bill Petschack,

February 2018

Drouin west cemetery walk 2018 (1).JPG

Crowd listening to Bill Petschack, February 2018

Drouin west cemetery walk 2018 (3).JPG

Visitors listening to Jack Notman, February 2018

George Mitchell and flax 1942 Jindi book

George Mitchell and his flax, 1942.

Mitchell family house building.JPEG
George Notman SNR Jindi book.JPEG

General Intro

0.25   Cemetery gazetted.
1.31   Beautiful setting
2.10   Early appearance of the area
2.34   Isolation
3.22   Gold discoveries bring travellers
4.07   1878 First train to Drouin Junction.
4.28   Drouin becomes major town
4.45   Dairy industry now able to develop
4.55   Introduces later speakers
5.40   Peter and Lavinia Mitchell
6.32   Clearing of land, potato growing
6.52   Flax grown during the war
7.12   1938 Electricity allows larger scale dairying
8.04   Water wheel
9.03   Working conditions
09.36  1864 George and Elizabeth Notman left Scotland,

           went to Mt William
10.15  1888 320 acres purchased in Jindivick. Active in Shire

           affairs and upkeep of cemetery
12.25  Entertainments, living conditions
12.50  Delivery of meat and bakery goods by Colquhouns
13.36  Established band, deb balls, dances
16.20  Sport
17.20  Good neighbours – Mitchell and Ronalds
18.15  Bill Notman (Jack’s son) took over the farm

18.15   1854 Gottlob Petschack to Australia 
19.35   1873 to Jindivick
19.55   Sales of produce, particularly to gold miners
20.20   1884 Land grant
20.36   1877 rest of the family moved to Jindivick
21.20   Johann – first Citizen of the Year in Bun Buln Shire
21.50   Strong family tradition of local service
22.30   Bill Palmer – builder
22.50   1910 Homestead built
23.10   Worked to establish Church of England in Jindivick
JUDY FARMER Re Robert Merry-Smith
23.47  Family background in Scotland
24.30  Works for his education
24.56  Goes to Australia for health reasons
25.45  Friendship with  Buln Buln Shire Secretary William Young
26.25  1890 commenced practice in Drouin
27.08  1891 Married Jessica Grant
28.12  Working conditions
29.49  Accident caused head injuries, sold medical practice,

           died 1897 aged 30
30.45  Testimonial
31.22  Instruments
31.12  Will
33.10  Wife and son moved to Melbourne

J Notman and P Cusden Jindi book.JPEG
Petschack family page Jindi book used wi
DW Cem original plans small.JPG

Drouin West Cemetery original plans.

Robinhood hotel built 1877.JPEG

The Robin Hood Hotel.

Dr Robert M Smith with his wife Jessie I

Dr. R Smith with wife Jessie.

Dr RM Smith house Drouin (3).JPG

Dr. R Smith holding the horses outside his home on the then Princes Highway, Drouin.  Wife Jessie and her sister in the carriage. c.1895.

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