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Elizabeth Ferris Ward

Elizabeth’s (Liz’s) interview was recorded in 2009 before this project began. At the time of interview she was living in Darwin and during a visit to Drouin came to radio station 3BBR wanting to tell her story. Liz grew up in Drouin before training as a teacher. She shares her early memories of Drouin and some of her early very rural teaching experiences. Liz has written an autobiography called ‘Paid in Advance’ which she read parts of during her interview.

Elizabeth Ferris Ward (2).jpg

00.00   Introduction

01.00   Early life, schooling in Drouin

04.55   War, rationing

07.20   Dances, pocket money

10.09   Teacher training

11.21   Johnstone Hill and Tooradin North

17.40   Social life in rural communities

liz turns 80 2007a.jpg

Liz turns 80 in 2007

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