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Told by Ethel McDonald February 2015

Ethel Mc Donald 1 (1).JPG

Ethel, Denise Johnston from Lyrebird Village, Rob Stewart, Lynn Wells 2015

McDonald, Ethel ties her horse.jpg

Ethel tying up her horse in 1944

1944 Collection courtesy Drouin History Group

Ethel Mc Donald 1 (3).JPG

Ethel with Esmerelda 2015

Mc Donald Ethel.JPG


Ethel Mcdonald,2015


00.05   Town girl married Drouin dairy farmer

00.30   Learns to milk cows, feed calves, feedout to cows

01.50   Going to hospital with injuries

02.45   Dealing with snakes

04.05   Shopping – 3 mile walk. Shops very friendly, delivered goods.                  Later, horse and cart

06.15   Neighbourhood co-operation – haymaking, produce exchange

08.10   Egg production and sales

09.45   Keeping house without electricity – lighting, washing, cooking

12.05   Deliveries

12.30   Letter writing, visitors

12.35   Children going to school – without shoes

14.40   Christmas celebrations

16.25   Poems: The Mouse, Eddy, Esmeralda, Refugees, The Circus

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