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Told by Pat and Dennis Gleeson 2015

Gleeson Pat and Dennis.jpg

Dennis and Pat Gleeson, 2015

Gleesons hotel (2).JPG

Gleeson's Family Hotel c.2014

Main Street, Drouin

00.00               Settlers, pub Brighton, Yarragon, Poowong, Drouin

05.36               Earthworms at Poowong, town names

06.14               Purchase of Drouin hotel; stables, loft, pigs, chooks

09.40               No water in Drouin, fires

11.06               Naming Drouin

11.39               Drouin’s fighting policeman, (Kennedy) & other fights

16.55               Dave Anderson, fires of 1939

17.35               Garfield hotel—coins in wheelbarrows

17.52               Billiard table

19.06               Railway monopoly of goods, transport

20.02               Verandah comes down

21.44               Support for Drouin Football Club

23.56               Visitors: British test team, Lou Richards

26.00               Pat & Dennis;. Army experience

31.50               Renovations

32.45               Decision to sell the hotel

Mrs Gleeson serving drinks in the Family Hotel

1944 Collection

Courtesy of Drouin History Group

Mrs Gleeson in the Family Hotel.jpg

Flemming's Family Hotel, origins of Gleeson's Hotel

flemings hotel.jpg
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