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As told by Ron Harper, Ann Harper and Jo-Anne Wyatt 2019

Jo-Anne, Ron & Ann.jpg

00.00   Introduction by Ron to his family

00.21   Ann gives details of Fred’s father Jim and family history

04.53   Young Fred’s schooling

06.09   Gwen Thomas married Jim. Worked at Porter Bros

07.03   Jessie Harper and Ernie Vance

07.21   Bernie (Bunk) Harper

08.45   Painting around the district

10.54   ‘Susie’ Harper (Gwen)

11.52   Jack Harper and Lillian Billings

14.00   Mary Harper and Lindsay Morley

14.41   Ron talks about Fred painting for DBF

15.34   Factory houses. Living in Lardner Rd and Bank Place

18.55   Drouin Football Club

19.53   Lionel Rose friendship

20.47   Longwarry Rd house, gardening, rabitting, fishing, helping 

24.29   Drouin Football Club #13 & Drouin Cricket Club

26.00   South Melbourne Football Club and Fred’s dreams

27.36   Fred’s love of Drouin history

28.31   Ann’s family history. Move to Drouin 1959. Father’s work.

30.33   Classic Weaving Mills, family life, Butter room, Lyrebird village

32.29   Jo-Anne: netball, softball, family & Benalla

34.40   Fred’s milk run. Memories of grandparents.

36.14   Fred: Drouin Football junior league development & coaching

39.21   Funny stories about Fred and Jim

42.56   Sixth generation of Harpers in Drouin & at schoo

45.18   Ron’s story: work at Buln Buln Shire Parks & Gardens, changes, reflections, and sporting club involvement.

Jim & Gwen's wedding 3.8.35.JPEG
Gwen Harper wedding day 3.8.35 made her
1965 football under 14 Fred Harper coach
Betty and Herb Pritchett 1942 wedding.JP
DPS 1936 jubilee Alic Glenna white hat,
Ann and Fred's wedding Presbyterian chru
4 Bank Place during construction Jim Har
1918-19 Cricket J harper front row left.
Gwen Harper wedding day 3.8.35 made her
11 Albert Road where young Fred lived wh

Jim and Gwen's wedding 3.8.1935     Gwen made her bouquet

1965 Under 14 Drouin Football Club: Premiers: Fred Harper coach

1918-19 Cricket Team Drouin. Jim Harper front row left

1936 Drouin Primary School jubilee. Jim Harper  on right of lady in light coloured outfit and rolling cigarette. Alice Glennan on left of lady in light coloured outfit.

Herb and Betty Pritchett 1942  

Fred & Ann Harper's wedding at Scots Presbyterian church Drouin

4 Bank Place during construction. Jim Harper builder

11 Albert Road Drouin where young Fred lived when he started school

4 Bank Place Mrs Hamley and boys.JPEG
Peter, Jo-anne and Ronald at 10 Longwarr
Gwen (Suzie's) garden Longwarry Road 196

4 Bank Place finished. Mrs Hamley with her children at the front

Three young Harpers at 10 Longwarry Road Drouin and the garden at the house.

Jim, Fred, Gwen (Suzie) Peter, Joanne an

Fred with his parents Suzie and Jim on holidays. with  Ronald, Jo-Anne and Peter.

Fred and Ann's 40th wedding anniversary with her Mum and Dad and their family

Fred & Ann's 40th wedding anniversary wi
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