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Hazel Hedley

Told by Hazel Hedley 2015

Hedley Hazel,.JPG

Hazel Hedley, 2015

Track 1:          Introduction

Track 2:          Hazel’s story

00.00              Ripplebrook farm, woodfires, milking cows, harvesting,                             wireless programs, 7pm bed time

04.10              Early recollections of Drouin

06.31              School life

11.31              Working at Classic Weaving Mills; getting to work

13.26              Sports and other activities

18.21              Family holiday to WA

20.10              Engaged, John built house, Gus Stoll anecdote.

                       Methodist church

21.53              Life in Drouin

22.50              Shops in Drouin, Bills trough, Coffee Palace,

                       Slaughterhouse, Infant Welfare Centre

27.16              Red Cross and other volunteer activities

28.51              Family

Track 3:          John’s story told by Hazel

Classic weaving Mills.JPEG

Classic Weaving Mills, Drouin

Drouin South 1941 Hazel Hedley 6th from
Drouin South 1937 John Hedley first left
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