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Told by Iris Maxfield 2015

Maxfield Iris.jpg


Iris Maxfield, 2015

Maxfield DSS staff c1950's NB Iris.jpg

Teachers at Drouin State School 1950's

Iris Maxfield front row, third from left.

00.00-09.29   Early schooling & guides

09.30-17.24   Student teacher, college, end of war

17.25-18.12   Girgarre Primary School

18.13-24.04   Drouin Primary School

24.05-32.22   Church activities, Deb balls, fund raising, for church hall,                        marriage, children

32.23-34.08   Central classes

34.09-34.42   Central classes-DHS then to South Rd

35.14-38.29   Part time DPS & Oak St Kinder

38.29-44.11   Drouin High School-original remedial teacher

44.12-end      Appreciation of career

Iris Maxfield.png

Iris Maxfield

Iris Maxfield 1.png

Iris enjoying her 86th birthday with family

Iris Maxfield 3.png

1944 Collection 

Courtesy Drouin History Group

Iris Maxfield 2.png

Iris Maxfield far right, back row, teacher

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