Told by Lorraine Currie and Peter Cuthbertson 2016

Track 1

00.00             Family background

02.11             Jack’s early life

06.56             Marriage and children

07.56             Building the business

13.25             Jack’s character

14.50             2009 fires

16.30             End of sawmilling industry

17.15             Decline in health

17.45             Jack’s interests: horse racing, Ford cars, fishing, golf

23.45             Tributes

Track 2

00.00             Interview with Vin Bibby re memorial 15.02.15

Powell Town Mill

Jack Cuthbertson, Hallora

Jack Cuthbertson

Lorraine Currie & Peter Cuthbertson

First Log Truck 1940's

Memorial Plaque for Jack in Civic Park Drouin

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