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Told by Jane and Terry Marks 2017

Marks Jane and Terry.JPG

Jane Marks with daughter Terry Marks, 2017


00.08         Jane’s early years

01.14         Jackson’s Track

04.33         Return to Lake Tyers

05.58         Jane’s children

07.15         Moved into Drouin; Robin Hood visits

11.28         Jane working at Drouin Primary School

14.45         Terry takes over the Drouin Primary School job

17.02         Benefits of Lake Tyers

20.27         Tarago River memories

22.00         Language not passed on

27.47         Disunion in Drouin community

30.54         Terry’s family

35.45         Acceptance by school staff

DPSstaff 1976.jpg

Drouin Primary School Staff, 1976 Jane is front row third from the left. 

Marks Jane at DPS staff member.jpg

Jane Marks staff member Drouin Primary School

SOD 5 Brian and Jane.jpg

Brian Maunder with Jane Marks 2017

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