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00.00            Introduction by Lynn Wells

00.10            Council service (Jim)

02.25            Drouin town, farming (Jim)

03.50            Farming family (Jim)

07.40            Early years, school (Doris)

12.25            Raising a family (Doris)

12.44            CWA, home crafts (Doris)

15.21            Sport (Doris)

18.21            Family, cooking, & home skills

Smethurst Doris & Jim.JPG

Doris & Jim Smethurst


Told by Jim and Doris Smethurst December 2014

Jim Smethurst Hallora fire brigade.jpg

Jim Smethurst, Hallora Fire Brigade

Keith Pretty Sec. on right. BBS Council

Shire of Buln Buln Council & Staff 1976-77

Jim Smethurst back row, fourth from the right.  Jim was Shire President 1980-1981

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