00.00            Introduction by Lynn Wells

00.10            Council service (Jim)

02.25            Drouin town, farming (Jim)

03.50            Farming family (Jim)

07.40            Early years, school (Doris)

12.25            Raising a family (Doris)

12.44            CWA, home crafts (Doris)

15.21            Sport (Doris)

18.21            Family, cooking, & home skills

Smethurst Doris & Jim.JPG

Doris & Jim Smethurst


Told by Jim and Doris Smethurst December 2014

Jim Smethurst, Hallora Fire Brigade

Shire of Buln Buln Council & Staff 1976-77

Jim Smethurst back row, fourth from the right.  Jim was Shire President 1980-1981