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Told by Joy Paynter 2015

Paynter Joy.jpg

Joy Paynter, 2015

0.00    The dynamite in the true story

0.53    Early life, drought, Drouin South Primary School

3.47    The farm

5.11    Rebuilding the house

5.52    Power supply

6.59    Parents background

8.00    Old Drouin South Hall burnt down

Jack and Joy Sept 1940.jpg

September 1940, Joy with her father Jack.

Joy with her father Jack1945.jpg
Joy with her father, Jack Sartori, and G

1940 Joy with her father Jack, Grandmother Annie Sartori, and uncle Frank Sartori.

Joy on Grey Ferguson tractor with sister

1952 Joy on Gray Ferguson tractor, with sister Beth sitting on the back with Jack.

1945 Joy with her father Jack on motorbike.

Joy with little sister Beth on Joy's pet

Jan 1952, Joy standing with her pet cow Teddy, Beth on her back.

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