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Told by June Harvey 2016

Harvey June.JPG

June Harvey, 2010

Harvey June with Blossom.JPG

June riding Blossom

Harvey June Hawthorn Grange.JPG

Hawthorn Grange at Lardner

Harvey June Huse Vale.JPG

Huse Vale at Lardner

old butcher shop in 2012.JPG

Old Butcher Shop in 2002

00.00             Introduction

00.10             Early Life in Lardner

00.40             Lardner Primary School

03.08             Getting to school

07.33             Living in Lardner, dances, church, sport

09.20             Warragul High School

11.32             Teacher training

13.20             Parents moved to Drouin

15.08             Teaching & closing down of Yallourn

16.50             Return to Drouin, memories of the town

21.53             Later life, genealogy and family history

23.30             Grandfather’s butcher shop in Lardner

25.20             Other facilities in Lardner town

30.40             Memory of 1939 bushfires

Butcher Shop Reciept.JPG

Butcher shop Receipt, c.1898

by cheque for three pound for mutton

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