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Told by Ken Craig 2016

Craig, ken.JPG

00.00             Introduction by Rosemary Blackley

02.29             Where the family live

02.45             Working at Classic Weaving Mills

03.31             Others who worked at the weaving mills

05.46             Factory closing

06.10             School life

09.01             Other interests

10.34             Iceman, plasterer apprentice & plastering methods

20.13             Working stories of a plasterer

21.57             Badminton

22.15             Sailing

23.25             Football in Drouin

24.56             Drouin Fire Brigade

25.57             Travelling

26.21             Fishing

3. Drn Primary School Grade 4, 1950..jpg

Ken Craig Drouin State School Grade 4 1950. Ken front row fourth from the right.

Craig ken and shirley at plaster works 1

Shirley and Ken Craig at Drouin Plasterworks

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