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Told by Jenny Boeyen, Karen Thomson, John Butler, Jeff Smythe and Dave Naylor in 2016

Boeyen, Jenny and Karen.JPG

Jenny Boeyen and Karen Thomson

Boeyen, Leo's boys.JPG

Jeff Smythe, Dave Naylor & John Butler

Jenny and Karen:

00.00    Introduction: Judy Farmer

02.23    Migrating to Australia

04.46    Drouin when they arrived

05.25    Starting at the shire - building workforce

06.22    Developers and parklands; LG Boeyen Garden

07.34    Cape chestnuts in Main St

08.42    Jenny's memories of Drouin

12.58    Development of parks; RAD scheme and rock walls; aboriginal workers

18.28    'Leo's leprechauns'

24.55    Impact back in Os, vision of the future

26.33    Planning of Alex Goudie Reserve

28.52    Research, use of native trees, grafting

30.59    Nursery, contributions to community

32.25    Research, friendships with Kevin Heinze, Horst Middel

36.08    Other job offers

37.15    Memories of people who knew him as a young man in Holland


Leo's Boys:

00.00   John - first worker; getting the job, parks and gardens at the time

01.50   Jeff  - first apprentice

03.12   Dave - getting the job

07.27   John, Jeff - getting to the job - trips in the ute

09.49   Jeff - depot and tasks

11.22    Rock walls, aboriginal workers

12.19    Jeff - growing the trees

13.04    All - the job, growing and pruning trees

22.52    Leo's pride in the town and tributes


Sign at Leo Boeyen Gardens

Boeyen Civic Park 1995.jpg

Leo Boeyen gardens with Buln Buln Shire Offices in the background.

Leo (20)a.jpg
Boeyen gardens (2).jpg

Plants surrounding the waterfall and seat

Boeyen Civic Park bridge.jpg

Original bridge over the creek with pond in the foreground.

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