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Told by Mary Allen in 2008 at Fairview Homes, with the help of Bonnie Cook.

Allen Mrs (100 yrs) 001.jpg

Mary celebrating her 100th birthday in 2001.

00.00    Introduction 
00.46    Selection at King Parrot creek,; goldfields
03.05    Life at Drouin South, nurse Atkinson, childhood, Drouin south school, her father
06.24    Family life, meals, clothes
08.45    School life in Preston
09.42    Mr Sanders and Mr Williams Drouin south teachers
11.43    Living with Mrs Coppin
13.25    Games that children played
14.30    Mary left school
16.43    Mother died
18.33    Preston fire brigade
20.27    Maypole dancing
21.40    Violet the cow
23.20    Hayley’s comet
24.41    1898 fires
25.59    Hailstorms
26.24    Hallora/Longwarry East, Brandy Creek, Whiskey Creek
27.29    Meat, butchers, eggs, hens and ducks
31.45    Home preserves
32.47    Tramps
34.44    Wildlife
36.40    Great Depression
37.26    Caring for children and staying on in Drouin

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