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Told by Max Hine 2016

Hine Max.JPG

Max Hine 2016

Hine Max and family.jpg

Daughter, Max and wife Ila, 2016

Hine SSB 1980s.JPG

State Savings Bank, Drouin c.1980's

00.00             Intro by Lynn Wells

00.15             Early life

01.46             Joined State Savings Bank

02.40             National service

03.20             Married, family

04.05             Accountant, manager positions

05.15             Bank residences

06.07             Role of banks in the community

06.45             Role of bank managers in the community

07.42             Bank procedures, security

14.04             School banking

16.13             Family life

17.02             Retirement in Drouin, community and sporting activities

State bank Vic Drouin.jpg
SSB managers course Max right end of bac

1978 State Savings Bank managers course

Max on right hand end back row

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