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McNeilly Family

Told by June Sealey and Keith Shimmen 2018.

Track 1:

00.00    Intro

00.18    John McNeilly emigrated to Victoria

01.16    Provided supplies to goldfields

01.30    Purchased land at Dry Diggings

02.00    Met and married Eliza Pitkin, 4 children

03.52    Community activities

04.10    Selected land in Drouin 1870, arrived overland 1871

05.54    Difficult nature of the land

06.59    Built house, gradually extended it

07.55    Agricultural activities

08.28    Jackie the Lyrebird

11.30    Landholding extended

12.31    Community activities

13.32    John and Eliza retired to Drouin – sons worked the land

14.04    New homestead 'Lyndhurst' built for Sam and family

14.16    Will moved to Melbourne because of ill health, but continued

             business interests in Drouin. Was also a diviner.

20.24    Sam and Cecil sold the property

20.50    Geoff Mc Neilly donation to Anglican Church Building Fund

21.20    Bob McNeilly continued to operate the Sale property

21.44    Connections with other Drouin families

26.38    Drouin Primary School Diamond Jubilee celebrations

27.42    Other connections by marriage

28 54    Tribute to George Mc Neilly by Drouin Tennis Club

31.20    Further details of John Mc Neilly's offspring


Track 2:

Talk given on John McNeilly at Drouin Cemetery Walk February 2016 by Rosemary Blackley

Keith Shimmen and June Sealey.JPG

Keith Shimmen and June Sealey

John McNeilly.JPEG

John McNeilly

Eliza McNeilly.JPEG

Eliza McNeilly

Jack McNeilly.JPEG

Jack McNeilly

McNeilly George on right Drouin State Sa

McNeilly George on right outside Drouin State Savings Bank

Lyndhurst historic homestead.JPEG

Lyndhurst historic homestead

Will McNeilly and Drouin band 5th on rig

Will McNeilly and Drouin band 5th on right

Will McNeilly third right.JPEG

Will McNeilly third right

The Lyndhurst McNeillys 1928. Samuel and

The Lyndhurst McNeillys 1928. Samuel and family.

Jack the lyrebird.JPEG

Jack the lyrebird

John McNeilly's compass.JPG

John McNeilly's compass

old slab hut site 1994.jpg

old slab hut site 1994

Geoffrey and Bob McNeilly

Geoffrey and Bob McNeilly_edited.jpg

Geoffrey and Bob McNeilly

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