00.00             Introduction to Jan Artlett by Lynn Wells

00.10             Early life

03.30             Work for butter factory

04.21             Devries Brothers Carriers

05.54             Truck accident

08.11             First home

09.20             Other jobs: hay carting, SEC contract, invented self loading tandem jinker

10.51             Trucking conditions

12.07             Bulldozer work

12.31             Football, golf, tennis, pony club and dances

14.40             Mick and Joan’s entertainment when young

15.12             Joan’s local activities

15.56             Introduction to Joan by Rosemary Blackley

16.45             Joan’s memories of life with Mick

Mick DeVries

Jan Artlett and Joan DeVries


Told by Joan DeVries and Jan Artlett 2016

Truck with federal cab

Mick and Joan

Indiana truck at Drouin Butter factory 3rd one along 

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