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Told by Peter Cusden 2017

2. Alice & Peter  Bravington 1941.jpg

Peter with his older brother and his mother 1941

Cusden Peter.JPG

Peter Cusden, 2017

Cusden, Mrs Cusden.jpg

Mrs Cusden

Track 1: Introduction by Rosemary Blackley

Track 2: Peter Cusden

00.00               Fred and Alice migrate, meet, marry, go to Bravington.

00.48               Fred enlists, is taken prisoner.

01.20               Life in Bravington during the war.

16.40               Fred arrives home.

23.45               Purchase of Northern Junction Hotel, Drouin West. History of the hotel.

29.20               Working the acreage – Alice as a water diviner; evidence of past hare coursing.

31.30               Shop opens. Grocery business – tobacco licence, lunches, icecream, pepper, biscuits, honey, cooked meat.

48.20               Post office.

49.20               Drouin West State School – teachers.

55.20               Expansion to catering.

1.02.50            Sports and entertainment at Drouin West.

Cusden DW Northern Junct. Hotel.jpg

Drouin West Northern Junction hotel

9. Shop & P.O. Drouin West 1949 Opposite
7. Peter & Gavin Arden at Drn West c.194
18. Fred, Alice & driver. horse & jinker
10. Peter and A70 Car.jpg

Left: Gaven Arden and Peter at Drouin West 1949

Above left: Fred, Alice and driver in horse and jinker

Above right: Peter with A70 car

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