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Pharmacy in Drouin

Told by: Rob Stewart in November 2018 and Isaac Harris in January 2019.

Rob Stewart (1).JPG

Rob Stewart

Amcal chemist on right 1960s.jpg

Amcal chemist on right 1960s

00.00 Intro by Rob

00.11 Indenture to Chemist & duties. Old brands.

01.18 Pharmacy study: subjects and practical training

02.34 British Pharmacopoeia (BP), abbreviations, measures

03.40 Qualifying and code of ethics for PBS

04.47 Doctor’s prescriptions

05.30 Making tinctures, tablets, syrups & bulk mixtures, triangle counter

          and process of trituration

06.44 Making pills

07.23 Jobs in rural Victoria. Old pill & medicine names

08.16 Suburban work, deliveries, opening hours and ownership

09.26 Work in Drouin at Wadhams chemist

10.14 Geoff Wadham

10.39 Purchase of business & refit of the shop

11.13 Prescription dispensing records

11.43 Computers and label arrive

12.27 New premises

13.03 The other Drouin pharmacy

13.45 Intro to Isaac

13.55 Pharmacy in 2019 and background

15.40 Making creams the old way

15.50 Robotic automated machines

17.37 Linking health records & safe scripts

19.00 Finish

Isaac Harris.JPG

Isaac Harris

Scan to JPEG(2019-1-2)0007.JPEG

Dated the 2nd of August 1994 from the Warragul and Drouin Gazette.

Pharmacy-Automation-Market (1).png

Pharmacy robot

Rob Stewart and staff in old store 17.6.

Rob Stewart and staff in old store 17.6.93 Jane Stoll, Jennifer Brown, Nicole Shanahan

Geoff Wadham a July 1956.JPEG

Geoff Wadham July 1956

Rogers pharmacy, Mr Smith assistant.JPEG

The other chemist in Drouin. Mr Smith the assistant at Rogers pharmacy.

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