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Told by Phil Edwards 2015

Ernie Edwards.JPG

Ernie Edwards, Blacksmith, 1944 Collection

Courtesy Drouin History Group

Edwards Phil.JPG

Phil Edwards, 2015

Introduction by Lynn Wells

00.08     Early life. Father worked for Bill Tritschler

01.18     Education; joined his father at Edwards engineering

06.04     Family history

07.03     Russell Motors and Tritschler separated businesses – Edwards Engineering                            established, buildings modified, business operations diversified

08.45     Railway provided goods transport

09.36    1937 Edwards Snr bought the business – diversified further to survive

10.59     Phil becomes sole owner of the business

11.26     Bought land from the railways. Property changed hands, moved to Cadby Court                      Warragul but Phil continued to work there, often by computer from home

13.22     Leigh Rees’ plans for development of land frustrated by access

14.07     Fires in Drouin

14.50     Sporting activities

17.37     Drouin PS burned down

18.14     Changes to the shops in Sinclair Streeet

19.02     Incidents due to highway running through Drouin

21.00     Movies in Mechanics Institute

Tritscheler's engineering.jpg

Ted Hudson, P King, Ernie Edwards

Tritschler's Workshop

Phil 2005 (2).JPG

Phil Edwards 2005 at launch of 'Drouin a small town at war ' photos

Edwards engineering.jpg

In front of Tritschler's Coach Building Shop, c.1913

The end of Edwards engineering (4).JPG

Edwards Engineering Works Pty Ltd, c.2015  

just prior to demolition

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