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Told by Lorna Parke, and Jack and Keith Pretty 2017

Pretty family Keith Lorna Jack 02.09.01.

Keith Pretty, Lorna Parke & Jack Pretty 2001

Pretty family 1970.JPEG

The Pretty Family 1970


00.10   Background, family, Jindi Store

05.50  ‘Jindi Bus’ (pre-war uses of store truck)

10.00   Switch on of electricity, 1939 bushfires

11.00   Education, work at store, continued education

11.50   Jindivick during wartime, stock, rationing

20.00   Joined Buln Buln Shire as a Junior Clerk

21.50   Met and married Pam, moved to Drouin

23.57   Became Shire Secretary

26.50   Retirement – developed further community interests



29.51   Family background, arrival in Jindivick

31.47   General Store, Post Office, telephone exchange

34.12   Post office and exchange shift to new building.

36.05   Lorna became postmistress

36.54   Sports teams

38.21   War years

40.31   Celebrating the switch on of electricity

42.12   Accident with petrol threatened store

43.25   Search for lost plane Southern Cloud

44.15   Intro and story of Flower Show



48.30   Purchase of store

49.28   Stock – medications, groceries, tobacco and cigarettes,                    hardware, feed.

56.35   Weights and measures

57.17   Delivery methods – rail, road, Petrol, kerosene

58.39   Electricity. Alternative fuels during war years

1.00.34 Phone services

1.03.18 1939 bushfires, cattle feed

Pretty family  store.JPEG

Pretty family residence and store at Jindivick

Pretty family General store Jindivick b.

Pretty family general store Jindivick

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