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Told by David Proposch Oct 2017 

David Proposch.jpg

David Proposch 2017

Proposch saw mill Drouin.JPEG

Proposch Sawmill Drouin

00.00    David's introduction and the Walsh family background
01.03    Jane Walsh & Robert Bacon
01.28    Elizabeth Walsh & Clarrie Hedlam
02.09    Mabel Walsh & William McNeilly
02.38    Letitia Walsh & Merv Pearson
03.03    Pearson family history
04.36    Proposch family history; George Proposch, Westgarthtown

             (Lalor, Siebel farm) Longwarry, Picnic point
07.03    Life in Longwarry
08.01    Timber and sand milling
08.38    Wooden toys
08.53    Proposch timber mills Longwarry
10.10    Buying the flaxmill in Drouin. Bill Tampalini, mill operations
12.09    George Morgan buys the mill
12.24    Sold to Rex Greenland
12.50    Lionel Rose movie uses the mill
13.07    Flaxmill fire, end of the timber business in Longwarry
14.40    Retirement and Mawarra
15.45    Amberlea and Abbey Gardens work; Neville Smith timber
16.54    Land development and subdivision on Drouin site
17.33    Terracina connection Italy

sawmill inside.JPEG

Inside the Proposch family sawmill

Proposch old saw mill before demolition.

Old sawmill before demolition from the distance

Proposch mills after Morgan's (2).JPEG

Sawmill after Morgan's

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