Railways in Drouin

Told by Keith Cook in 2018.

Cr Keith Cook in 2018.

Acting Station Master Keith Cook in the office at Trafalgar Station, 1982.

RAILWAYS in Drouin


TRACK 1  A Career in the Railways: Keith Cook

00.00     Introduction

00.12     Successfully applied for job at Warragul station

01.10     Junior station assistant tasks and experiences

06.57     Move around Victoria as a reliever to obtain promotions

11.08     Worked in Melbourne until retirement


TRACK 2 Railways in Gippsland, Drouin Station

00.00     Opening up Gippsland

01.40     1870s Decision to build line from Melbourne to Sale; controversy over route

02.45     Current route decided and construction began

03.11     First passenger train in Drouin

07.56     Construction of station and goods shed

09.25     Tracks, sidings, signals, levers, points

14.28     Accidents at Drouin

22.12     Duplication of line

25.10     Drouin's unique signalling frame

27.14     Modernisation of signalling     

Drouin station 1908

Loading at Drouin Station 1912

Drouin Railway Station 1934

Inside Drouin Railway station in 1944.  photo courtesy of Drouin History Group

R Class Loco at Drouin in 1964

Carriages derailed near Drouin Station in 1985.  15 passengers were shaken but unhurt.

Derailment at Drouin in 1985.  Locomotive upside down at the base of the embankment on the south side of the tracks.  The driver and fireman both survived.

Drouin Railway Station 2017 

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