Told by his daughter Vicky Metcalf in 2017

Smith Rob-Vicky Metcalf.JPG

Vicky Metcalf


00.00   Intro

00.33   Significant surnames – Smith, Merry, Grant. Marrabel

01.35   Robert Merry-Smith studies medicine and pharmacy

03.05   Mrs Euphemia Jones (nee Merry) :early settler near Sale

04.55   Robert’s first wife dies, he remarries

05.15   Grandfather Grant, farm equipment manufacturer,

             selects bush property near Drouin

11.20   Other grant relatives and achievements

             Robert’s marriage, hardships, death

17.55   Smith cousins



00.25 Grant family comes to Drouin

02.33 Robert (grandfather) marries Jessie Martin

03.35 Robert Merry-Smith – practice, death,

08.10 Main St Drouin – several prominent families

13.55 Antonio Debertolis, furniture maker

17.10 Howitt family

18.25 ex-Shire Secretary Mr Roland

19.55 Train service, street lighting

22.20 Shops, newspapers, post office

28.00 Butter factory, golf club

31.40 School, teachers

32.15 Clubs and sporting activities

37.05 Presbyterian Church

40.40 Moved to Melbourne: Impressions of Drouin in later visits

Smith Rob with his mother Jessie.JPEG

Rob Smith with his mother Jessie.

Dr RM Smith house Drouin (5).JPG

Dr RM Smith house, 7 Princes Way, Drouin  c.1890's

Dr RM Smith holding two horses, his wife Jessie and her sister, Grace Grant, in the buggy.

Jessie and William Smith.JPEG

Rob Smith's grandparents, Jessie and William Smith.  Taken in Ireland.  c.1880's

Rob Smith 1914.JPEG

Rob Smith in uniform taken 1914.

Dr Robert M Smith with his wife Jessie I

Dr Smith with his wife Jessie c.1890's.