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Told by Tim Wills June 2019

Tim Wills.jpg

00.00             Introduction by President 2019, Tim Wills

00.30             Rotary International

01.57             Rotary Club of Drouin formation 1954

04.19             Scholarships, library at schools, bike stands            & other activities

05.26             Mini golf course

06.28             Drouin Memorial Pool and other service activities

08.05             Summary of projects and fundraisers

13.30             Australia Day breakfasts and awards

14.29             Inter club activities

15.00             Other milestones

15.48             Paul Harris fellows

16.36             Basil Telford’s poem 1955 of foundation members

20.22             Defibrillators in town

21.35             Conclusion

Charter Members-Drouin Rotary.jpg
USA group study exchange.jpg
Maureen Quigley-Business of Year.jpg
Ficifolia Festival.jpg
Leo Rotary handover to John Wilson.jpg
Conference in 2000.jpg
3 of our rotunda.jpg
Auden Pedersen President Robert Stewart
booklet cover for dinner.jpg

Auden Petersen (designer), Rob Stewart (President Drouin Rotary Club) & Keith Pretty at the sound shell during construction

Leo Boeyen (right) handing over to John Wilson 1970

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