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Told by Roy Cheesman 2002

Cheesman Roy.JPEG

Roy Cheesman, 2002

00.00             Introduction by Rosemary Blackley

00.21             Farmhouse décor

01.24             Ironing, lighting, food storage

06.24             Dairy, chookhouse

08.20             Land clearing crops

10.31             Making a living; on and off farm

12.10             Pesky wildlife

13.57             Early schooling

16.10             Move to Albert Rd and Higgs Rd

17.59             Later schooling

18.55             Farming and market

24.41             Bracken, pasture and harvesting

                      Ploughing, harrowing, sowing, bloat and chaff cutting

30.20             Motor replaces horse works

31.59             Making hay

33.03             New Holland baler

35.20             Molasses

36.07             end

Roy Cheesman's house and shed (3).JPEG

The old house and sheds

Cheesman's house and shed (1).JPEG

Old shed on the farm at Higgs Road

Cheesman Roy tractor and hoe.jpg

Roy driving the tractor on the farm

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