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As told by Robyn Crocker July 2019


00.00             Introduction

00.25             Early Parishioners and early reports.

01.54             Wooden church building opened 1880

02.50             Naming & cooperation with the Methodists

04.00             Continuing Presbyterian church

04.30             Ministers over the years

07.22             The Session of Elders and preaching places

08.11             Property .Naming of streets in honour of Winters &                       Porters. Manses & church buildings

10.37             Sunday School

11.23             Other fellowship groups

12.11             Finances

13.00             People. Long serving elders.

15.54             40th anniversary of church building 1999

16.21             Worship services & gatherings

18.50             Children & youth ministry

20.25             Camps, picnics, fellowship, missions and outreach

22.02             Student ministers

22.24             New hall

23.37             Bequests

24.45             Church plants

25.20             Conclusion

1956 Sunday School young group.JPEG
From 1956 funds booklet b.JPEG
Scots church centenary 1980 ladies at af
Rev JJ Scott laying the foundation 27.09
Rev JJ Scott inside new church opening 2
Rev JJ Scott at the poulpit inside old c
original manse.JPEG
Original church building opened 7.11.188

Rev J Scott laying the foundation 27.9 1958

Original weatherboard church built in 1880

Rev J Scott at pulpit of old weatherboard church

1956 Sunday School children and teachers

original church manse

Inside new church building opening service 24.10.1959 Rev J Scott

1980 Centenary Ladies at the afternoon tea.

Opening of large hall july 1992.JPEG
Scots church centenary 9.11.1980.JPEG

Opening large hall 1992. Minister Mr Zurrer.

9th November 1980 Centenary celebrations

manse 1968.JPEG

The manse 1968

The Church centre.jpg
Presbyterian church 15.02.2013 KP.jpg

The church centre and church today.

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