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Told by Brian Maunder 2016

St Istas.jpg

The old St Ita's catholic church in 1944

1944 Collection,

Courtesy of Drouin History Group.

St Ita's.jpg

New St Ita's church, 2009

00.00       Introduction

00.15       Brian Maunder: History of the Parish, the Church and the School

22.56       Parishioners’ memories and roles:

                Notman, McHugh, Percy, Dore, Stevens, Minahan, Mona Jennings, Bibby family,           

                Gleesons, Knapping, Schlitz, Burke

42.03       Organizations supporting St Ita’s: Catholic Womens League, St Vincent de Paul,

                Knights of the Southern Cross

47.50       Establishing the new church

St Ista's Brian Maunder.JPG

Brian Maunder

St Ita's inside.jpg

Inside the old St Ita's church

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