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Told by Judy Farmer October 2019

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Armidale old photo.jpg
Bishop Green's chimney.jpg
bishop elect to armidale.jpeg

00.00             Introduction

01.06             Arthur Green’s birth and childhood

02.27             Studies at University

03.20             Early parishes & marriage

04.11             Archdeacon Ballarat & Bishops chimney

05.52             ‘Bishop’ Arthur Green

06.56             Bishop of Grafton & Armidale

08.21             Adventures on horseback

11.00             Bishop of Ballarat. His qualities

13.20             Drouin visits; Horace Tucker

14.04             Purchase of land, building The Hollies, planting trees

15.30             Newspaper articles

17.07             Lemon orchard Corner. Gerard Tucker

19.26             Retirement

20.05             Bishop Green’s house Heidelberg

21.15             Death

22.03             The Hollies after Bishop Green

25.05             The Importance of The Hollies

26.18             List of owners                     

Location of The Hollies from WW2 map held by Drouin History Group

Bishop Green's chimney Warrenbayne

Arthur Green Bishop elect of Armidale about 1894

Ballarat pro cathedral.jpg
Arthur Green small.jpg

Arthur Green Bishop of Ballarat 1913

Bishop green at 80.jpg

Bishop Green in retirement 1937

The Hollies 2.jpg

The Hollies taken in 2015

The Hollies driveway.jpg

The driveway of plane trees and oaks taken in 2015

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